“Music for everybody”.
Season 2010-2011
The “Music for everybody” season-ticket has been carrying out by the Fedoseyev’s Orchestra since 1997. His most diverse programs performed by one of the best orchestras are an absolute gift for each amateur of music.
In December, 2010 the Season-ticket will be opened by Vladimir Fedoseyev, a creative Director. This is a final performance of the jubilee year during which the first nights of compositions dedicated to the TSO in performance of soloists of the orchestra will be performed.
In March, 2011 two performances of the season-ticket are scheduled simultaneously. The TSO invited again one of the best Bulgarian conductors. We expect to meet Georgy Dimitrov. Compositions of Bach and Beethoven will be performed in his performance.

Italian conductor Oleg Kaetani will conduct the program of the second concert in that month. He was a student of K. Kondrashin and I. Musin with which, perhaps, his peculiar attitude to the Russian culture was associated. Along with Mahler’s First symphony the Maestro included Borodin’s Second symphony in the program.  

One can also expect an original concert being carried out in April: Terje Mikkelsen has been invited from Norway. His collaboration with the TSO commenced in 2005 and since that time he regularly participated in many programs of the Orchestra. In his performance works of composers of the Northern Europe will be performed.  

And the May concert will be carried out by Valery Platonov, a chief conductor of the Perm theatre of opera and ballet named after P.I. Tchaikovsky. He will take part in concerts of the Orchestra’s season-tickets for the first time. You will be introduced with the young opera soloists – laureates of the First premium of the World contest of vocalists named after Francisco Vinas….

Concerts of subscription

«Music for everybody»-1
Final concert of the jubilee year
Palace on Yauza

«Go ahead, guys!»

Pyotr Pospelov (TPO "Composer") "A call" for orchestra and soloists, 2010

Solo in the orchestra:
Stanislaw Michaelovsky, piccolo
Anton Silvestrov, flute
Michael Shilenkov, bassoon
Dmitri Nikitin, French horn
Konstantin Grigoryev, trumpet
Maria Moskvitina, harp
Sergei Chekanov, violin
Elena Kondratinskaya, violin
Julia Nalogina, violin
Elpanov Maxim, violin
Dmitry Usov, viola
Elena Bakulina, viola
Natalia Raspopova, cello


Sergey Ananich, cello
Vladimir Ilitsky and Kirill Sobolev, basses


Bach Sarabande and Gigue from suite for solo cello ¹ 3 in C major

Soloist: Victor Simon, cello

P. Tchaikovsky "Nocturne" in D minor, 1888

Soloist: Victor Simon, cello


Mozart Sinfonia Concertante for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, french horn and orchestra (E-flat major, 1778). Finale: Andantino con variazioni

Oleg Panin, oboe,
Vladimir Permyakov, clarinet,
Michael Shilenkov, bassoon,
Alexei Kamesh, french horn

P. Sarasate "Navarra"

Sergei Kostylev, violin, Aleksander Mayboroda, violin


vl. Ilarion (Alpheev) «Perpetuum mobile» for large orchestra, 2008
Dedicated to Vladimir Fedoseev

Igor Frolov "Divertimento" for two violins and chamber orchestra

Soloists: Anton Yakushev, Veronika Lebedeva

Pavel Karmanov "Music for a greeting card" for flute, percussion ensemble and bass, 2009

Maria Fedotova, flute,
Igor Krapenkov, Aleksander Medvedev, Vassiliy Polyakov, Aleksander Samoilov, percussion
Igor Golovanov, bass

Denis Kalinsky "Red & Rose", waltz for orchestra


Alixey Rybnikov "Sarabande," "Toccata", 2008

F. Legar "Paganini melody» (¹ 1 of the operetta "Paganini", 1925

Soloist: Mikhail Shestakov, violin

A. Ginastera Concerto for harp, part III, 1959 (arranged by E.Moskvitina for two harps and orchestra)

Soloists: Emily Moskvitina, Maria Moskvitina

F. Goulda Concerto for cello, wind orchestra and percussion, 1980
Finale alla Marcia

Soloist: Peter Kondrashin, cello

Nikolai Popov "Oh, what a good, kind Ded Moroz" - fantasy on the theme of Christmas songs, 2010

Nikolai Popov, flute,
Polina Lapteva, violin,
Aleksander Kozlov, trumpet

«Music for everybody»-2
Palace on Yauza

Chaconne from Partita no. 2 for violin BWV 1004
(orchestra arrangement by L. Nikolaev)
Concerto for two violins in D minor, BWV 1043,  1721
Beethoven Symphony no. 8 in F major, 1812

Soloists of Thaikovsky Symphony Orchestra
Y. Mayboroda, S. Kostylev, violins

Conductor — Georgi Dimitrov (Bulgaria)
«Music for everybody»-3
Palace on Yauza

Borodin Symphony no. 2 in B minor, 1869-1876
Mahler Symphony no. 1 in D major, 1884-1888

Conductor — Oleg Caetani (Italy)
«Music for everybody»-4
Palace on Yauza

Barber Adagio for strings, 1936

Britten Variations on a theme Lachrymae for viola and orchestra, 1950

Elgar Symphony N2, 1911


Soloist - Dmitry Usov, viola
Conductor - Mischa Damev (Switzerland)
«Music for everybody»-5
Palace on Yauza

Prokofiev Symphony ¹3 in C minor, 1928
From the opera "Prince Igor", 1869-1887:

Dance of the Polovtsian girls
Cavatina of Konchakovna
Scene and Cavatina of Vladimir Igorevich
Duet of Konchakovna and Vladimir Igorevich
Polovtsian Dances

Soloists -
Elena Manistina, mezzo-soprano
Khachatur Badalyan, tenor


Conductor — Valery Platonov