«Subscription of “One symphony”».
Season 2010-2011

The «Subscription of “One symphony”» — Vladimir Fedoseyev called so a series of concerts in the Palace on Yauza. This unusual season-ticket is a unique experiment in the history of the concert cycles.

The Jubilee year of TSO coincides with P.I. Tchaikovsky’s jubilee whose name the team has been bearing with pride since 1993. The Orchestra was given this name partially thanks to a specific attitude to the creation of this composer.

In all five concerts the Third Symphony of the Russian classic will be performed. “What is the interest in listening to the same composition for five times?” – a listener may ask.

This will not be the same composition. Five conductors will present to us five different interpretations, five new different reading of the same score. “The art of interpretation originates from endless searches of the truth, based on the experience of touch to various scores and different layers of culture, - Vladimir Fedoseyev says. – And then your heart becomes filled with feelings which you would like to share with others.”

Vladimir Fedoseyev’s concept consists in illustrating on the concrete example what a great role an interpretation of a composition plays in the world of Music.  The “Author – Performer – Listener” link does not occur in any of the forms of art in which, practically, every link is equivalent in a joint creation of a composition.

In addition, in every performance, apart from Tchaikovsky’s Third symphony, other compositions will be performed in the light of which a perception of the masterpiece of the Russian classic may be also varied.


Concerts of subscription

«Subscription of “One symphony”»-1
Palace on Yauza

Tchaikovsky Symphony no. 3 in D major, 1875
Mozart  Symphony no. 35 “Haffner”" in D major 1782
Shostakovich Chamber symphony (arrangement of string quartet no. 8 for orchestra)

Conductor - Saulius Sondeckis (Lithuania)
«Subscription of “One symphony”»-2
Palace on Yauza

Tchaikovsky Symphony no. 3 in D major, 1875

Goldmark Violin concert, 1877

Wagner “Ride of the Valkyrie” of the tetralogy "Der Ring des Nibelungen"


Soloist - Ekaterina Frolova, violin

Conductor — Mischa Damev (Switzerland)
«Subscription of “One symphony”»-3
Palace on Yauza

Tchaikovsky Symphony no. 3 in D major, 1875
Fazil Say "Istanbul Symphony", 2009

Conductor — Howard Griffiths (United Kingdom)
«Subscription of “One symphony”»-4
Palace on Yauza

Tchaikovsky Symphony no. 3 in D major, 1875

"It's Snowing" - small cantata to words of B. Pasternak for female chorus, boys'chorus and orchestra, 1965

“Spring Cantata” (to words of Nekrasov), 1972


Moscow Chamber Choir
Artistic director - Vladimir Minin
Children's Choir "Spring"
Artistic director - Aleksandr Ponomarev
Conductor — Vladimir Fedoseyev
Subscription of “One symphony”-5
Palace on Yauza

Subelius “Karelia” suite, 1893
Glazunov Saxophone concerto in E-flat major, 1931
Tchaikovsky Symphony no. 3 in D major, 1875


Soloist – Asya Fateyeva, saxophone
Conductor — Denis Lotoev