On October 21, soloists of the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra gave a master class at the Baccarelli Institute in Sao-Paolo (Brazil) as part of the international musical training project for children from poor families. Prior to the orchestra, the project was joined by Sir James Galway (flute), Shlomo Mintz (violin), Yo-Yo Ma (violoncello), Tokyo String Quartet, etc.

The master class featured: the viola leader, orchestra soloist, Honoured artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Kitaev (viola); assistant bass viol leader, Honoured artist of the Russian Federation, professor at the Gnesin Academy of Music Alexander Belsky (bass viol); first soloist, People's artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Permyakov (clarinet); assistant violoncello leader, soloist Pyotr Kondrashin (violoncello); assistant orchestra leader, soloist Vasily Pervakov (violin).



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