The Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra was in warm, even friendly relations with the head of the Russian Orthodox Church. The ensemble usually started each new season or project with the blessing of the Patriarch. One of the last blessing of His Holiness was obtained last October before the orchestra’s South American tour.
Despite his being busy, the Patriarch was a common and welcome guest at the concerts of the orchestra. The ensemble always felt his true interest and spiritual support, so precious for preservation and development of the world music culture.   
The Patriarch devoted especial attention to charity. Alexy II many years assisted social projects of the Moscow Orthodox service, “Mercy”: took part in the home-nursing and homeless aid services, visited the St. Dimitri and St. Sophia children’s homes, headed the Tutorial councils of the St. Dimitri nurse school, the St. Dimitri nurse community and the St. Alexy hospital. With the Patriarch’s blessing, an entire season of the orchestra was dedicated to the charity initiative “Way to Mercy” supporting the Central Clinical Hospital of St. Alexy, Metropolitan of Moscow. The musicians gave several performances for the personnel and patients, also transferring fees from other concerts to the hospital.
Fees from the memorial concert will also go to social projects.

Beethoven Symphony No8 F mag, 1812
Tchaikovsky Symphony No5 E min, 1888
Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra
Conductor – Vladimir Fedoseyev

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