For the reason of the jubilee year of Klubhaus-Konzerte this organization holds the whole series of unordinary concert actions. The Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra is invited already for the second time. The founder of the trade association “Migros” Gottlieb Duttweiler, under the auspices of which Klubhaus-Konzerte conducts its activity, tried to bring classical music to the widest public. The activity of Armin Brunnerch who took office of the artistic director of this concert organization in 2000 was dictated by the desire to expand the audience. He announced his wish to break the traditional philharmonic form in order to attract new listeners to the concert halls. The January cycle of the performances of the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra was based on a unification of the traditional concert performance of Symphony no. 11 by Shostakovich and its film version.
The programs of the May tour’s concerts of the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra is founded on the request of the audience. This is a gift of Klubhaus-Konzerte to their devoted friends and at the same time the way to increase a number of connoisseurs of classic music. During long time any participant of this action might send to the concert organizers his wishes – a list of the compositions that he would like to hear in the concerts of the famous orchestra. The oftenest titles formed the program of the concerts that the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra is going to perform from 8 to 11 May in Zurich, St.-Gallen, Bazel and Bern. The preferences of the audience are various – from “Russian East” of Borodin to the romantic concert of Ligeti.

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