All the authors, represented in the concert, are closely connected with Russia and for all that they are deeply national people who united the traditions with the most modern music languages (each of them in their current time). The Motherland was inalienable “environment” for them but if Prokofiev and Szymanowski returned to their home countries after numerous piano tours in the whole world, for Chopin it left a wishful thinking.
The first piano concerto of Chopin is one of culminations of his early Polish period where there are all sides of his artistic world – the most delicate lyricism and light images of folk genre, virtuosic brilliancy and form perfection.
In Concert overture of Szymanowsky created in the last year of studies in the Warsaw Conservatory there is influence of Chopin style is refracted through searches of original artistic way.
The first performance of Symphony no. 5 of Prokofiev was the last performance of the composer as a conductor. National and epic style of its music is linked to the reflection of powerful ideals of the military period.

Young pianist Dmitry Demyashkin who “will be considered as one of the greatest discovery of a new century very soon” according to American critic J. Young will take part in the concert.
In his 27 Dmitry is a pianist of the world popularity and full schedule of performances in Russia, Europe and the USA. He won many times International Competitions in the CIS countries, in Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, and the USA. Pianist doesn’t forget his “small Motherland”, coming there with concerts and mastreclassess. In 2007 he became the youngest honoured artist of Mordovia.

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