Press archive. Saison 2008-2009

Sparkling jewels

This orchestra is deemed to be one of the best in Russia and is distinguished with its wonderful culture of performance: an unusual flexibility, punctuality and expressiveness.

Russian soul in changable light

Russian virtuosi players eliminate negligence and drawbacks so thoroughly as nobody else.  And at the same time music sounds very simply and clearly, without kitsch, without an effort to make an impression.

Truth about Piotr Ilich

Fedoseyev is free from the ideological blinders and everywhere adopted level way of performance, he percepts seriously a notion of “interpretation” and the famous scores interprets self-willed…

Cold flame in the beginning, firework - at the end

Vladimir Fedoseyev made out of the Tchaikovsky symphony orchestra a leading musical collective of Europe.

Finally in home language

Vladimir Fedoseyev demonstrates an ability of his orchestra to virtuously differentiate nuances, and inspiration and elegancy of the performance has become his distinctive feature since long time.

Flaming Rassian orchestra

He was burning with a passion and shining! Conductor-virtuoso Vladimir Fedoseyev and his symphony orchestra named after Tchaikovsky electrified the spectators.

Chinese guests aria. First impression

On 12 February the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra gave a concert in the Great Hall of Moscow Conservatory. The evening “We are listening the world…” was divided into Chinese and Hungarian music. En Shao (China) conducted the orchestra. And though each part of the concert lasted not more than forty minutes, the program, in general, turned out uncommonly rich. The compositions, chosen by the conductor, which sound seldom in Moscow, represent the particular interest.

Almost Hitchcock of Russia

The Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra needs not already propulsion to better congruence or brighter rhythmic accuracy. In Symphony No11 by Shostakovich, Fedoseyev was therefore able to focus almost entirely on the psychological side, that of nightmare and terror.

Classic against Crisis. Moscow Latino

Moscow greeted the new operatic year together with prominent Latin American friends. A true sensation became Puerto-Rican soprano Ana Maria Martinez invited by Vladimir Fedoseyev to perform with the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra at the Big Hall of the Conservatory.

French Masters Secrets. First Impression

Plasson had already performed impressionist music with the TSO before, but only now it became an undeniable success. If only for such perfect Ravel, the French Maestro was surely worth his invitation.

Three Days of Revelations: Master Class by Vladimir Fedoseyev

The Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra’s rehearsal studio was thrilled with anticipation: a nearly unique event was to come. Vladimir Fedoseyev’s master class on symphonic conducting “Beethoven and Tchaikovsky: Problems of Interpretation”...

The Grand Symphonic Charity

This is often partly a matter of PR, which is not at all blameworthy. For this reason, philanthropy is all the more exciting on the part of an ensemble which does not need any additional publicity, like the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra under a finest Russian conductor and a man of utmost modesty, Vladimir Fedoseyev.

Machinery of Baroque Emotions

Several years ago, Fedoseyev told me in an interview: «I do enjoy new avant garde. It has a particular perception of the world which passes into my interpretation experience. It is really interesting to discover this music. I’ve played Gubaidulina and Denisov, but never Schnittke, so far».

Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra performs in Rio de Janeiro

Frantic applause in a packed hall has crowned the Latin American tour of the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra. The famous ensemble gave the closing concert in Cecilia Meireles in the centre of Rio de Janeiro.

Great symphonic experiences

Nuova Harmonia ended its season with a marvelous symphonic experience at the Coliseo: the only concert of the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra Moscow under Vladimir Fedoseyev.

Grade? Excellent!

The concert once again testified the living tradition of the Russian symphonic culture, maintained over last 78 years by the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra.

Symphonic Introduction to Russian Days in Argentina

The coming Russian Days in Latin America have been given a symphonic prologue from the currently touring the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra.

A brilliant concert in Argentina

The Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra under Vladimir Fedoseyev closed the classical music season in Buenos Aires with a stunning performance.

TSO performs in Argentina

"This is a true present to Buenos Aires, which can itself be called a connoisseur of beauty, and to the Argentine audience which is highly versed.”

Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra has opened a new season

Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra and Vladimir Fedoseyev have opened a new season by two concerts in their traditional vivid style.

Opening of The festival Summertime in a Dzintary Hall

On August, the 9th in a Dzintary Hall took place a concert devoted to opening of The fourth musical festival “Summertime. Inessa Galante invites”. The main highlight of the concert there was, certainly, the performance of the glorified Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra from Moscow under conduction of world-famous Maestro Vladimir Fedoseyev.

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