On August, the 9th in a Dzintary Hall took place a concert devoted to opening of The fourth musical festival “Summertime. Inessa Galante invites”. The main highlight of the concert there was, certainly, the performance of the glorified Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra from Moscow under conduction of world-famous Maestro Vladimir Fedoseyev.

It was planned that Inessa Galante a muse of the Festival will perform with an orchestra in the first part of the concert, and in the second the well-known Ninth symphony by Dvorak, “From the New world”, should be played. But the concert begun with a rain, therefore it was necessary to urgently change parts of the concert, that the rain did not muffle a voice of the singer. In the first part of the concert powerful Dvorak, to the accompaniment of the amplified rain has sounded.

The bad weather cannot prevent the Art! In the second part of the concert on a scene there was Inessa Galante who with Fedoseyev’s orchestra has performed a scene of “The letter of Tatyana” from the opera “Eugene Onegin” by Tchaikovsky. And it was perfect. The great duet of the singer and the conductor. Fedoseyev – not simply the great musician, but, first of all brilliant colleague who connected an orchestra to a voice of Inessy so gently, that after the performance Inesa named Fedoseyev the genius (the conductor was confused).

Inessa Galante: “These days, rehearsal and a concert with Vladimir Ivanovich was the great school for me, even that I’m already skilled singer! Thanks to you, Maestro!”

In the end of the concert “Francesca Da Rimini” by Tchaikovsky sounded. Giving a standing ovation public has achieved three encores! A “Romance of Wolfram” from the opera “Tangejzer” by Wagner, “The dance of Buffoons” from music to a drama “Snow Maiden” by Tchaikovsky, Romance ”Ja ly v pole da ne travushkoy byla” also by Tchaikovsky.

After the concert there was reception in honour of opening of festival and in honour of the eminent visitor. The further dialogue with the Classic has proved once again that the greater is person the easier is to dialogue with him.

Andrey Shavrey. intelligent.lv


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