Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra and Vladimir Fedoseyev have opened a new season by two concerts in their traditional vivid style. The first soiree consisted of the Russian music of Borodin and Mussorgsky where the orchestra especially enlivened the images of Symphony No.2 and “Polovtsian dances” of Borodin; the second one represented to the Moscow audience the Italian mezzo-soprano – Luciana D’Intino. The orchestra showed itself as a good and attentive accompanist, easily orientated itself both in symphony and opera tradition.

Now Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra is in the South America and on 3 November it will continue its Moscow performances. The main issue of a new season is unexpected a little bit. “Music of the 21st century” for Fedoseyev is a subject not only of great interest but also of regrets, alarm and pensiveness…

On 3 November in the Great Hall of Moscow Conservatory as an overture to the musical 21st century (concert is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of David Oistrah) the orchestra will perform the Russian 20th century – Shostakovich and Schnitke.

The most important events of the forthcoming season include a, a premiere Vladimir Rubin’s “Guardian angel”, a new scenic version of Alexei Rybnikov’s opera-mystery “Liturgiya oglashennih”, a concert “Christmas oratorio” the program of which will consist of Haydn (symphony No. 49 La Passione) and “Christmas oratorio” (2007) by Bishop Illarion.

The newest music will be also in the traditional subscription “Music for everybody”. In March Maestro Fedoseyev with a pianist Maria-Luisa Cantos will perform a modern music from 1965 (“Time, Forward!” by Sviridov) till 2005 (“Big Dipper” by Ragnar Soderlind).

The orchestra’s programs include Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, but in a new season Vladimir Fedoseyev explains in detail, how he sees modern times: an exacting conductor is interested not only in bright innovations of musical language, but in unpretentious age-old bases of musical content.

Yulia Bederova. "News Time" 187

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