The capital of Argentina gave a rapturous welcome to the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra, once again touring Latin America after a twelve years interval. The famous ensemble performed Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Scheherazade” symphonic suite and Symphony No5 by Tchaikovsky under the guidance of world-known Vladimir Fedoseyev. Coliseo, a chief Buenos Aires theatre stage, this evening saw the public on their feet applauding, winning two encores from the musicians.

"We are very pleased to play in Argentina. The local audience is very cordial and natural. It’s a pity Russia is so far from here, but we also love the Argentine music – tango – very much", said Fedoseyev. He added that he is glad to come again to Argentina after a long while.

Russia’s ambassador in Argentina, Yury Korchagin said the concert was "a masterpiece of the conductor’s and the interpreters’ art". "This is a true present to Buenos Aires, which can itself be called a connoisseur of beauty, and to the Argentine audience which is highly versed”, he said, “and most elegantly this present is made on the eve of Russian Days in Argentina, taking place on November 1-8". An event of such a grand scale as the tour of Russia’s leading orchestra under one of the world’s best conductors, Korchagin noted, really prompts to believe that Russian Days in Argentina have already begun.

Director of Coliseo, Dino Rawa-Jasinski, in his turn, told ITAR-TASS that the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra closing Coliseo’s theatre season makes him utterly proud. "This is a true gala-concert of Russian music".

Dmitry Fominykh. ITAR-TASS

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