The coming Russian Days in Latin America have been given a symphonic prologue from the currently touring the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra.

After a glorious success in Uruguay and Argentina, the musicians have arrived today in Brazil, for four concerts in Sao-Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The tickets are since long sold out. The programme is entirely compiled of Russian classical pieces. "It would be false to think, however, that Russian music only sounds abroad when Russian orchestras arrive," noted Vladimir Fedoseyev, the world-famous conductor and head of the orchestra. "You will not find a single opera theatre or concert stage never presenting Russian classical composers — Mussorgsky, Borodin, Tchaikovsky, etc… The Russian culture – a great culture, indeed – has a profound influence on the world culture".

Last time, the orchestra under Vladimir Fedoseyev was to Latin America 12 years ago. The musicians here get a rapturous reception and full audiences stably demanding encores.

These symphonic programmes are just a part of the rich polyphony of Russian Days in Latin America.

O.Bugrova, N. Budennaya. RUVR Voice of Russia

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