Harmonia musical society on its season closing offered its listeners a genuine festival of Russian symphonic music. The concert once again testified the living tradition of the Russian symphonic culture, maintained over last 78 years by the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra. Both its mission and masterly performance have ensured the orchestra’s prominence now and in the whole history of music.

Animating the legendary tale, as Rimsky-Korsakov has done in “Scheherazade”, means inhaling true life in every note and every moment. The orchestra presented a powerful and highly poetic interpretation of the work. Vladimir Fedoseyev and his musicians managed to convey the magic feel of “Scheherazade” and its musical charm, so original and distinctive.

The rich sound of the ensemble, its gorgeous composition dynamic and suppleness of the instrument sections responding to Fedoseyev, intertwining themes (like the heroine’s tales submerging the dreadful Shahryar) – all these married into a magnificent evening. Soloists responsible for the main thread became heroes of the story. Mikhail Shestakov (orchestra leader), Maria Moskvitina (harp), Alexander Kitayev (viola) were superb; but not only them. The whole orchestra presented a unique dynamic balance and ability to follow unanimously the conductor’s minute directions.

We expected to hear a model interpretation of Tchaikovsky and it was just so. Fedoseyev’s Symphony No5 duly credits the genius of the Russian composer who has given name to the orchestra.

It was surely a version to remember. Although Tchaikovsky is commonly attributed to European composers, Fedoseyev and his orchestra have demonstrated how essentially his work depicts the Russian soul.

Gector Koda.LA NACION


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