«He was burning with a passion and shining! Conductor-virtuoso Vladimir Fedoseyev and his symphony orchestra named after Tchaikovsky electrified the spectators.  All-world famous conductor Vladimir Fedoseyev have already been heading for 35 years this remarkable orchestra that starting from 1990s repeatedly visited Innsbruck every time making a furor. When Fedoseyev headed the Vienna symphony orchestra he was a real star causing a comprehensive delight and being considered already an Austrian! That time the Beethoven’s Eight Symphony and Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony were performed and both compositions were brilliant burning with temperament and instrumental virtuosity.
Fedoseyev demonstrates a grapping motor function, volume strength and the most delicate nuances and performs his musical tasks with the help of the sonorous virtuoso strings and delicate wooden and brass instruments. Where else one may feel such an inner divaricating in a furious waltz rhythm of the main part of Tchaikovsky’s symphony, the fascinating delights of side-line themes? One may give a plenty of examples of an influencing a magic impact of the outstanding interpretation, without a pursuit of outer effects. A really stirring evening!»

«Kronen Zeitung» (Vienna central newspaper), 11.03.2009


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