Yesterday was a day of Switzerland in Russia and Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Vladimir Fedoseye, held a concert under the name “Russia–Switzerland”. Maestro is called an Ambassador of the Russian culture in this European state: tens of tours, participation in the festivals in Lucerne, Zurich, and Basel. In Switzerland Fedoseyev is known not only as a symphonic conductor but as an opera one. This concert in Moscow International House of Music – is not an opening of a concert season. The very season starts by the jubilee soiree, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Maestro Fedoseyev's artistic activity. “Switzerland – is a country that I like and the audience there is well–disposed towards our orchestra. For us this day is close as for the Swiss”, – noted Fedoseyev. Maestro met clarinetist Reto Bieri in Zurich. The cooperation with guitarist Dmitry Illarionov also begins there.

Once in two years festival–completion “Orpheum” takes place in Zurich where participate young musicians from different countries. Vladimir Fedoseyev works in the jury of this competition. There he heart Dmitry Illarionov and Reto Bieri. The latter played Mozart's clarinet concerto with Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra. “I don't like Mozart, I love him. Fedoseyev understands Mozart in his own way. I inspire to be closer to such understanding. He marked such superfine nuances which go by me”, – claimed Reto Bieri.

That evening Russia was represented by Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra and Reto Bieri was gifted to represent Switzerland alone. “Russia is a great country, with wonderful culture, traditions and our Switzerland is small. Everything is pro rata”, – noticed Reto Bieri.


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