Not without purpose Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra is called orchestra of soloists. Ensembles of soloists play in the Great and Small Halls of Moscow Conservatory, MSU, Chamber Hall of Moscow International Music House, Pushkin’s Museum of Fine Arts, University of Steel and Alloy… Duet of harps and Choir of percussion instruments, String quartette and String quintet, Brass-quintet, Quartette of pipes and other ensembles of soloists from TchSO are well known in France, Austria, Great Britain, Switzerland, Czechia, Japan.

Child is living in expectation for the wonder… Especially if this child lives without family’s care and sincere affection. Charitable concert programs of The Orchestra in children's homes of Moscow and Moscow Region became noted event not only in orphan’s life but even for musicians themselves. For their performance musicians have chosen music in which they can demonstrate skill and introduce children to foundations of classical music. They also played some music from well-known movies. This meetings were full of humor and happiness. For many children it was for the first time when they heard sound of symphony orchestra instruments. These impressions will stay with them for all their life.

Dmitry Rafaeliyants, Polina Lapteva, Vladimir Agafonov, Sergey Korobeynikov, Igor Golovanov, Alexey Kamesh, Sergey Kostylev, Dmitry Usov, Andrey Mustafaev, Sergey Morozov, Sergey Afanasiev, Georgy Khachikyan, Alexey Cherkasov, Yury Sobolev, Alexander Kozlov, Alexander Orekhov, Anton Shparvart, Yury Arkhangelsky, Petr Kondrashin, Yury Kolosov, Victor Vasin.

«Thank you for your help. These meetings gave children a chance to feel care and sympathy. It is great pleasure that there are people nearby, who are ready to fill children’s hearts with pure and light fellings …»

From inmates of “Ramenky particularized social rehabilitation centre for minors Spring”, Bykov’s children's home, Mytishy boarding school, boarding school “Our Home” in settlement Tomilino, St. Demetrius children's home.